CMB Executives

PAT1 (Mobile) (Mobile)Patrick Hogan

Patrick F. Hogan is the President, CEO, and Managing Member of CMB Regional Centers. Mr. Hogan’s considerable experience in the EB-5 investment field dating back to 1994 establishes him as one of the most experienced practitioners in the EB-5 industry. In fact, Mr. Hogan has been involved in EB-5 before the creation of the very first Regional Center Program. CMB Export, LLC, an acronym for California Military Base or Closed Military Base, was formed in 1997. The original focus of CMB was to assist communities that had been devastated by the loss of tens of thousands of jobs due to the closure of several California military bases.

Mr. Hogan exemplifies a true business entrepreneur. Mr. Hogan attended Illinois State University for three years. In 1978, after 3 years in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program serving aboard the USS Whale a nuclear attack submarine, Mr. Hogan began his career as an entrepreneur operating gas station/car washes that he expanded into a chain of four award-winning Shell Oil service stations. At the same time, he built a “Top 100 in the Nation” chain of video stores, several one-hour photo locations and a successful event photography business. In fact, Billboard Magazine rated his video chain as “The Most Exciting Video Store in the Nation.” These multi-faceted operations won numerous marketing and printing awards for their work and employed over 300 people during the 1990’s.

In 1993, Mr. Hogan’s entrepreneurial focus shifted to producing firearms-related books and auction catalogs. The following year, he opened the Rock Island Auction Company, which specializes in the auction of antique and collectable firearms. During 1994, Mr. Hogan began his exploration of the EB-5 program. Mr. Hogan divested his other companies and concurrently grew Rock Island Auction Company and CMB Regional Centers. Today, Rock Island Auction Company is the #1 auction company in the world for antique and collectable firearms, employing more than 100 people with annual revenues approaching $50 million. CMB Regional Centers, meanwhile, has grown to be one of the top three most successful EB-5 Regional Centers in existence.

Mr. Hogan is considered a seasoned expert in the EB-5 industry. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Association to Invest In the USA (IIUSA) and has been an active participant in furthering industry best practices and program reauthorization. Mr. Hogan is a frequent expert panelist on EB-5 issues and has testified about the EB-5 Program and CMB Regional Center’s successes before a State of Ohio subcommittee on Economic Development, as well as providing written testimony at a U.S. Congressional Hearing on the EB-5 industry as a whole.

Kraig1 (Mobile)Kraig A. Schwigen

Mr. Kraig A. Schwigen is the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations. Mr. Schwigen has worked with Mr. Hogan since 1998. In 2008, Mr. Schwigen retired as a Lieutenant from the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department after over twenty-three years of service. During his distinguished career, Mr. Schwigen was responsible for leading numerous divisions including Investigation, Fugitive, Patrol, Professional Standards, and as the Administrator of the County Jail. During this same time he also oversaw the security for Mr. Hogan’s premier firearms auction house. Additionally, Mr. Schwigen has over fifteen years involvement in the new home construction and real estate development industries, recently completing one of the largest home subdivisions in Western Illinois.

Mr. Schwigen coordinates all aspects of CMB’s worldwide operations including project development, industry expansion, and investor relations/marketing. Mr. Schwigen is very active in IIUSA, formerly chairing two committees: the Membership & By-Laws Committee and the Best Practices Committee. Mr. Schwigen has been a featured panelist at numerous EB-5 related events and conferences.

PAM1 (Mobile)Pam Ellis

CMB’s Vice President of Company Operations, Pam Ellis, manages the organization’s day-to-day operations. Ms. Ellis also directs staff members during the detailed construction of all USCIS submissions. Ms. Ellis has over twenty-four years of management and customer service expertise. Ms. Ellis obtained a degree in Hospitality Management from Southeastern Academy in Florida. Ms. Ellis served as the Vice President of Visitor Services for the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau for twenty years, where her duties included managing the Iowa Mississippi Valley Welcome Center. Under her tenure as Vice President, the Center won multiple awards and became one of the nations most recognized Welcome Centers. Ms. Ellis expanded the reach of the primary Visitors’ Center by adding four other centers serving downtown communities. As the Bureau’s government liaison, Ms. Ellis developed critical communication skills as she represented communities to the State Legislators. These regional experiences strengthened Ms. Ellis’ knowledge of revitalizing communities and downtown areas into centers of economic activity. Further, Ms. Ellis developed a private label brand for the Welcome Center, managed all retail sales (in-store and online), administered the Welcome Center budget, and supervised staff and volunteers. Today Ms. Ellis now supervises the various services CMB provides to its approximately 3,000 EB-5 clients, as well as our supervisor for over 50 full-time CMB employees.

Ky-B-2 (Mobile)Ky Boyle

Mr. Ky W. Boyle is the Vice President of CMB Asia Market for CMB Regional Centers and manages our Far East network of referral agencies and client attorneys. Mr. Boyle has over twenty-five years of leadership and business management experience in the utility and beverage industries. Most recently, Mr. Boyle spent twelve years with MidAmerican Energy Company as an Energy Consultant and Franchise Manager. Mr. Boyle provided consulting services to many major commercial energy consumers like 3M Corporation, Hormel Foods, Musco Lighting, the State of Iowa, and major suppliers to John Deere. Mr. Boyle’s responsibilities included negotiating franchise agreements with cities throughout the State of Iowa. Mr. Boyle has been active in economic development throughout the past three decades serving as a Committee Chairman for the John Deere Classic (a PGA Tour event), as an elected member of the Knoxville, Iowa Chamber of Commerce, and also through his appointment to the Intergovernmental VA Taskforce in the State of Iowa. Mr. Boyle has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s degree in Business Leadership from William Penn University.