Recent Repayment by Borrowers!

CMB takes great pleasure in announcing the repayment of all loans within our Groups VI-A, VI-B, and VI-C #EB5 partnerships.  These three partnerships consisted of EB-5 investment funds totaling $135 million and representing 270 limited partners and their families.  As each partnership begins the process of returning capital to their respective limited partners, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to these limited partners and all who have put their trust with CMB. Each of these aforementioned groups provided funding to assist in the redevelopment of communities devastated by military base closures.  These communities continue to transition into successful business hubs and industrial parks and are currently home to many employers and thousands of new jobs. CMB and its limited partners restored two former military bases into job creating engines that now boast more jobs than what existed before the military bases were closed. #EB5isworking