CMB Client Relations Team


Kenny Peng

Kenny Peng is a Director of Investor Relations with CMB Regional Centers for Asia Pacific Region. Prior to joining CMB, Mr. Peng was actively involved in EB-5 investment project promotions in China and was an immigration consulting manager with a large reputable consulting firm in China for many years. Mr. Peng has worked in real estate investment and development companies in California as a licensed general contractor with more than ten years of experience after graduating from Cal State Northridge with a MS degree in Engineering Management. He also obtained his BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Maryland. Mr. Peng was born in Malaysia but grew up and educated in Taiwan, Singapore and the United States. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese.

Kiel Kamin

Kiel Kamin an Investor Relations Manager and assistant to Vice President of the Asia Market, Ky Boyle. Kiel specializes in working with clients from the Asia Pacific Region as well as English speaking countries. Prior to joining the CMB team, Kiel lived in China for 8 years where he became fluent in Chinese through his work experiences.  Kiel received a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Southwest University in Chong Qing.

Wilson Jiang

Wilson Jiang is a Client Relations Associate and assistant to CMB’s Vice President – Asia Market, Mr. Ky Boyle. Mr. Jiang is responsible for performing an array of administrative tasks including correspondence with existing and prospective CMB Limited Partners, travel and expense reporting and scheduling, administration of event planning and coordination, document management and preparation . Prior to joining CMB, Mr. Jiang worked as an Administrative Assistant for Cisco Executive Education Programs where he established and maintained solid client relations, assisted with project planning and executing, and oversaw translation projects. Before coming to the US, Mr. Jiang had taught English in Wuhan Foreign Languages School for four years.

Mr. Jiang is fluent in English and Mandarin and holds a master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from Wake Forest University and a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Beijing Normal University.

Latin America

Gisele Goodwin

Ms. Goodwin is a Senior Investor Relations Manager and member of the Latin America Team of CMB Regional Centers. Ms. Goodwin has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from the Bandeirantes University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, where she is originally from, and has extended her education by acquiring her Associate of Applied Science degrees in Information Technology, Marketing, and Business Management from the Muscatine Community College in Muscatine, Iowa. Ms. Goodwin’s responsibilities at CMB include assisting prospective EB-5 Portuguese speaking clients and attorneys, helping those new to EB-5 to understand the process of the EB-5 Visa along with CMB EB-5 investment opportunities. Ms. Goodwin has over seven years of experience in customer service, and three years of experience in marketing and product development. She is an active member of the LL65 Entrepreneurship Group of Muscatine, and the Sister Cities International group. Ms. Goodwin is fluent in Portuguese and English, as well as conversant in Spanish.

Carlos Fernandez

Mr. Fernandez is a Senior Investor Relations Manager working in the Spanish-language markets. Mr. Fernandez came to CMB with years of marketing experience in Latin American communities, and a vast experience in translation (being fluent in Spanish and English). Mr. Fernandez previously worked mentoring Peruvian executives through MBA admissions to attend universities in the United States. CMB utilizes Mr. Fernandez in direct client relations throughout Latin America and Europe, and in document translation. Finally, Mr. Fernandez has an extensive educational background; he has earned a Bachelor’s degree in biblical literature from Seminario Evangelico de Lima, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in economics from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and a Master’s of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Isamar Sanchez

Ms. Sanchez is a Senior Investor Relations Manager with the Latin America market for CMB Regional Centers.  She is responsible for assisting clients that are interested in learning more about the EB-5 visa process and how permanent residency can be achieved.  Ms. Sanchez also serves as the Conference and Travel Coordinator, which involves the planning and scheduling of conferences and events CMB attends.  Before entering the business field Ms. Sanchez had worked as a dental assistant for 2 years, and was also an After School Program Tutor at the Martin Luther King Center.  Originally, from Mexico, she is continuing her studies here in the Quad Cities.  Ms. Sanchez is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Brenda Garcia

Brenda García is an Investor Relations Manager with CMB Regional Centers for the Latin American market.  Ms. García has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Iowa State University with a focus on International Business.  Prior to entering CMB Regional Centers, Ms. García has worked as a Director of Importing and Exporting for Latin America and Russia, and served as an Adjunct Professor for English as a Second Language (ESL).  Ms. García is fluent in Spanish and English.


KimAnh Hua

Ms. KimAnh Hua is a Senior Investor Relations Manager with the Vietnam Department of CMB Regional Centers. She is responsible for assisting clients that are interested in learning more about the EB-5 visa process and CMB EB-5 investment opportunities. Before entering the business field, Kim worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor and GED Instructor.  Kim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master in Criminal Justice from St. Ambrose University in Iowa. Kim is fluent in both Vietnamese and English.


Moussa Ndiaye

Mr. Moussa Ndiaye is a Senior Investor Relations Manager with CMB Regional Centers.  Mr. Ndiaye’s responsibilities include analyzing CMB investment offerings and communicating the offerings to prospective EB-5 clients in the French speaking market, industry attorneys & agencies.  Mr. Ndiaye also manages new clients and assists with developing new markets. Prior to joining CMB in 2015, Mr. Ndiaye worked as a receptionist in different companies in France including L’Oreal, BIO-RAD, UBISOFT… , and as a telemarketer in Tunisia.   Mr. Ndiaye holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sale from the School of Business and Sales of Sfax, Tunisia and a Master level in Political  Science specialty Risk Management from Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense in France.  Mr. Ndiaye is fluent in English and French.

Russia and Eastern Europe

Vitaly Modlo

Mr. Modlo is a Director of Investor Relations for Eastern European and former Soviet Union market. Prior to joining CMB, Mr. Modlo worked for the BBC in Kiev, Ukraine (1999-2013), first as a Finance and Administrative Manager, being responsible for a wide range of day-to-day management tasks which included drafting annual budgets, financial forecasting, monthly expense reporting, communicating with local authorities and suppliers. Later on, Mr. Modlo joined the highly professional editorial team which monitors open-source media from over 150 countries. As a BBC monitoring journalist, Mr. Modlo received a profound knowledge of political, economic and social affairs, primarily in relation to former Soviet Union countries as well as Eastern Europe. Working on attachments in Moscow, Baku and Tashkent, Mr. Modlo learned about culture, traditions and everyday life in Russia, the Caucasian region and the Central Asia. Mr. Modlo is fluent in English and a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Kiev National Linguistic Univiersity.


Mike Sampson

Mike Sampson is an Investor Relations Manager with CMB Regional Centers. He assists clients that are interested in learning more about the EB-5 visa process and CMB EB-5 investment opportunities. Before entering this role with CMB, Mike worked as a project manager for a family-owned construction company and created a personal training business in San Francisco, California.  Mike received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing from St. Ambrose University.