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EB-5 Investing

Experience: As one of the oldest Regional Centers, CMB’s staff has broad-based knowledge complemented by experience. Our team is proactive in insuring we are on the cutting edge of the rules and regulations needed to qualify our foreign national investors for a permanent visa (Green Card) for EB-5 Investing.

Our EB-5 Investment Projects: All CMB EB-5 investments contain the same underlying structure. The structure of each CMB EB-5 investment partnership has a solid foundation built with “safety” in mind towards the immigrant investors’ two most important goals, that of the permanent green card and return of their original investment from the new commercial enterprise. It is our goal that CMB projects will always contain the following attributes:

CMB’s simple and straightforward structure is demonstrated throughout this website. CMB has taken a complex immigration EB-5 investment program and made understanding and utilizing EB-5 an easier and more transparent process for the potential EB-5 investor. Again, we recommend that you ask questions; ask hard questions and demand proof of what is stated (including from CMB). Perform the necessary due diligence; for if you the foreign national do not, failure to show ten new American jobs is devastating. As is not investing the requisite capital ($500,000 instead of $1 million). Either failure will result in the loss of the permanent green card and the immigrant investor is put in removal proceedings).