Investor Timeline

CMB Regional Center Investor Timeline

1. Investor inquires about CMB Regional Centers. Contact CMB Now

2. CMB Brochures and Project Overview are provided to the prospective investor.

3. A Confidentiality Agreement is signed by both parties.

4. Information is provided to the investors for their review as well as their legal counsel. Documents Provided: Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement and Escrow Agreement (when applicable).

5. Investor chooses to seek EB-5 investment visa through CMB Regional Centers.

6. Investor reads, understands and signs the above listed partnership documents and returns them to CMB for signatures. Duplicate originals are sent to the investor or legal counsel.

7. Investor deposits subscription price into the CMB escrow account for the specific CMB project.

8. $500,000 (TEA)/$1,000,000 (non-TEA) capital contribution and syndication fee.

9. Confirmation of deposit into the escrow account is sent to the client and their legal counsel.

10. Investor’s immigration counsel files I-526 Immigrant Petition. CMB provides investors legal counsel with a template form containing all business information needed to file the business portion of the petition. Individual EB-5 investor provides legal counsel with all personal information needed for the petition.

A. The release of the Subscription Price from escrow will occur at various times for each Regional Center project. This time frame is outlined in the investor documents.

11. Upon acceptance by CMB and the release of the investors’ funds from escrow: The investor has successfully entered into the Partnership.