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Does CMB utilize direct job creation, indirect job creation, or both?

CMB utilizes a USCIS-approved capital expenditure model. Each CMB EB-5 partnership identifies direct, indirect and induced job creation that results from capital expenditure. Indirect and induced jobs are created at the moment monies are spent as demonstrated using a RIMS II capital expenditure model. Indirect and induced jobs also meet all of the requirements that are placed upon EB-5 investors without the burdens of providing tax reporting and citizenship documents that go along with a reliance upon operations phase direct jobs. Removal of conditions for an EB-5 investor's visa depends upon proof of job creation. CMB's RIMS II capital expenditure based job creation methodology provides a transparent and reliable methodology for I-526 and I-829 (condition removal stage) petition approvals. In all past and future CMB EB-5 partnerships, an economist’s report on job creation is provided at the I-526 and I-829 stages of the petition process.

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