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What is the rate of return to EB5 investors?

In CMB’s opinion, the EB-5 program is not an investment program, it is a jobs creation program. The primary question of each EB-5 investor should not be how much money will I make; rather it should be will there be enough jobs to qualify me for my permanent green card. Therefore, CMB believes that foreign national investors require a three-pillar approach to achieving their goals.

CMB's Three Primary Goals for an EB5 investor.

1. Attaining Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card). In short, CMB strives to provide the best EB-5 investment opportunities in the marketplace. We do this by establishing limited partnerships that serve as an EB-5 investment vehicle to make EB-5 investments that meet or exceed every requirement of the USCIS, thus giving our investors, confidence their immigration petitions will be approved. CMB’s tested business model that focuses on proven job creation methodologies and solid statistically backed TEA designations has resulted in successful petition adjudications time and time again.
2. Return of capital. While EB-5 statutes require the investor’s capital to be fully at risk for the entire period of conditional residency, CMB seeks out EB-5 investment opportunities that are structured to hopefully minimize this risk as much as possible. Ensuring the capital is “at risk” does not mean that the EB-5 investment needs to be “risky”. While there is no guarantee that the borrower will repay the loan made by the CMB EB-5 partnership, CMB Regional Centers carefully screen each opportunity to determine if a borrower meets CMB’s conservative underwriting requirements.
3. Return on EB-5 investment. Notice that the return on EB-5 investment is third on the list. Why? If the primary goal of the investor is a return on investment, we are positive that EB-5 is not be the best tool for that investor. The primary goal of an EB-5 investor should be the permanent green card, not a return on the EB-5 investment. Potential EB-5 investors have acquired considerable net worth and are sophisticated investors. They understand the perils of high-risk investments. While our EB-5 partnerships are projected to provide a very small return on investment to the EB-5 investor, we structure our EB-5 partnerships with their primary focus being the first two aforementioned goals.
Of course you will need your own immigration attorney. We can refer you if you would like. The current investment amount is now $800,000 or $1.05 million USD.

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