EB-5 Due Diligence – Third Party Websites

Considering One Of The Many Independent EB-5 Due Diligence Services?

There are many websites that offer independent EB-5 due diligence services for prospective EB-5 Investors. We urge you to be careful if you choose to work with one of these companies, especially if they recommend only one Regional Center, or make claims to be impartial/independent. The fact of the matter is that virtually all of these companies will receive a consultancy or referral fee from whichever Regional Center they refer a prospective investor to. In many cases, they will refer potential investors to whichever Regional Center offers the largest fee, regardless of the quality of their projects. As matter of fact, CMB refuses to work with most of these so called “independent” advisers simply because we asked: if we don’t pay you will you ever recommend us? The answer is no.

CMB has had zero failures at the project level. All projects to date that have been adjudicated have been approved (over 2100I-526’s). All I-829 petitions adjudicated to date have been approved (over 410). CMB has returned capital to all investors in the first three, soon to be four. CMB EB-5 projects. CMB has been repaid a total of $105 million by its borrowers. With that track record, why would these so called “independent” parties not recommend CMB? For these so-called EB-5 advisers, it’s all about getting paid, sometimes by both the investor and Regional Center! Regional Centers who have a limited track record are forced to use these “advisers” simply because they cannot compete with quality, integrity, experience and results like CMB.

Many investors come to CMB after failure, sometimes they make up double digit percentages of all CMB investors in a project. They come to CMB after experiencing failure in another Regional Center, and a large portion of those investors were directed to a poor Regional Center by consultancy companies such as these. An EB-5 Investor stands to lose much more than their money if a Regional Center fails them: deportation could cost a family their home, their children’s education, etc. CMB refuses to work with many of these third party due diligence companies, especially in cases where they charge both the prospective investor and the Regional Center, as we feel this creates a conflict of interest. In these situations, the company will not recommend CMB to its clients, even though we are one of the oldest and most successful Regional Centers in the industry.

We at CMB believe that an experienced immigration attorney is a prospective EB-5 investor’s best option when doing EB-5 due diligence as an advocate on their behalf. This is why we require all of our investors to retain independent counsel before they subscribe to one of our projects. If you need help selecting an attorney, CMB can provide you with a list of those we believe to be the best in the industry.

Likewise we refuse to work with some immigration agencies, as they too do not care what the attributes of a particular project are. These agencies are all about the money. CMB works with immigration agencies that we approve and provide valuable services to the client overseas. Again it’s all about EB-5 due diligence and the potential investor must be involved. Please do your homework and check out who you use as an adviser!