How Safe is My EB-5 Investment?

Our goal is to structure your investment to be as safe as possible while still complying with the legal requirement that all EB-5 investments be “at-risk.” This is why CMB enters into loan agreements with private/public partnerships or private entities that have demonstrated the capacity to payback our loans and an ability to service the debt.

We are proud of our more than 22 year history of helping new immigrants secure permanent residence in the USA.

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You, as a potential first generation immigrant, already understand exactly how it feels to start a journey like this; a journey that will take you and your family to a new life in a new country. It’s exciting, it’s complicated and you will likely have many thoughts and fears running through your mind at this time. One thing you can be assured of is that we really do understand all of the steps you need to take to make this whole process as stress free as possible and, of course, successful. Our aim is that you will allow us the opportunity to show you how much we really do care about your goals, your family and your specific needs and questions. We have been doing this successfully for over 22 years. We are here to help you achieve your dream of coming to the United States.

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Client Testimonials

“I felt very comfortable and found my investment in safe hands.”

My experience with CMB Exports, LLC during this journey of EB-5 immigration process was extremely satisfying and bought the desired results.

I must congratulate the management and team of CMB Exports for wonderful handling of the regional center and lawfully fulfilling the immigration dreams of hundred and thousands of people.

The whole process of investment is very simple and transparent. In seven years of my association I felt very comfortable and found my investment in safe hands.

J.S.C. – India

“I wholeheartedly endorse CMB EB-5 to all my Indian fellows.”

I would like to thank to you and your entire team especially Mr Taylor and Mr Roshan for helping and guiding me and above all answering my questions immediately.

When I was confused about selecting of regional center it was that meeting at Taj in new Delhi which leads me to invest in CMB.

I wholeheartedly endorse CMB EB-5 to all my Indian fellows, who may be in similar position Thanks once again to Taylor and Roshan for taking me on phone for long hrs and satisfying me on my every query.

A.M. – India

“Always followed individual cases through to the end.”

As an investor in China, since I joined the CMB Infrastructure Investment Group 24, I always feel very believable, confident and satisfied with the program. Patrick Hogan and Kraig Schwigen are both very helpful and thoughtful people, they took the time to make sure there was nothing I needed to assist in my application and always been at arms length with regards either e-mail or a phone call away to assist in any way they can. Patrick always followed individual cases through to the end and was the first to call and congratulate me and my family when we finally got the EB-5 approval for investment. So it makes me feel very grateful to be part of the CMB family.

X.W. – China

“Impeccable service all round!!”

Hi Patrick,

I am very pleased to say that I found it very easy to invest in CMB due to their impressive success rate. With the help of all the staff at CMB and my attorney, my application was approved before the USCIS average processing time. My eldest son was on the verge of ageing out, however CMB compensated and allowed me to invest in an ongoing investment group. I would strongly recommend anyone to go down this route and to invest with CMB. A Swift, Impressive, and Impeccable service all round!!

P.K. – United Kingdom

Our Past Projects

We work in partnership with government entities such as cities, counties, redevelopment agencies, port authorities, joint power authorities, airport authorities, state government, as well as private entities and public/private partnerships in many different parts of the USA.

$450,000,000 EB-5 Loan

Group 48 – Century Plaza
Century City, CA

$116,000,000 EB-5 Loan

Group XVI – Great Wolf Lodge
Garden Grove, CA

$104,000,000 EB-5 Loan

Group X – Goodyear & Hoover
Akron, OH

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