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New EB-5 Milestone Achieved By CMB Regional Centers: CMB Has Now Raised Over $3 Billion In EB-5 Capital From More Than 5,500 Investors.October 1, 2019

CMB Regional Centers (“CMB”), a leading EB-5 regional center, is proud to announce a record setting achievement: raising over $3 billion in EB-5 capital. CMB has raised $3 Billion from EB-5 investors through 71 EB-5 job creating investment partnerships.  CMB’s EB-5 capital is combined with over $11 billion in matching capital for projects in the U.S. that have or are in the process of creating over 175,000 new American jobs. This new milestone is one of many that CMB has celebrated over the past 22 years.

“This amazing achievement brings great pride to the whole CMB family, knowing we have been able to help families around the world achieve their dreams of immigrating to the U.S. and that we have positively impacted many Americans by creating new jobs in the U.S.” said Noreen Hogan, President of CMB Regional Centers. Ms. Hogan further stated, “It’s incredible how the EB-5 program brings ambitious foreign nationals to permanently live and work in the U.S., creates new American jobs, and since EB-5 is a cost neutral program this is all accomplished at no cost to the American people.”

CMB has been a pioneer in the EB-5 industry in many ways, paving the way of many innovations that have become industry standard and utilized throughout the EB-5 industry today. CMB was the first regional center to use the loan model and the first to rely solely on indirect and induced job creation. In 2014, CMB commissioned an independent third party accounting firm, BKD, to audit all of the CMB partnership financials from their inception to present, as well as their immigration statistics.  CMB was the first to commission such reports which provide transparency in all transactions and documents CMB’s track record of success.

This legacy has resulted in CMB assisting more than 5,500 families from over 100 countries with their goal of immigrating and establishing a permanent residence in the United States.  CMB’s track record of 100% project approval from USICS on all adjudicated I-526 and I-829 demonstrates the company’s dedication to the goals of their clients.

CMB has always had the philosophy of putting the investor’s goals first.  CMB has done that in structuring their EB-5 project that gives their investors the highest likelihood of reaching their goal of permanent residency in the U.S. “Take care of the client and we will both achieve success,” said Patrick F. Hogan, CEO and founder of CMB Regional Centers.

Today, CMB continues traveling the world to assist clients with their dreams of immigrating to the U.S. Many clients we meet with are looking to immigrate with the intention of sending their children to a better school, for better business opportunities, to retire and for many more reasons.

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