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USCIS IPO Chief Participates in IIUSA Virtual WebinarNovember 11, 2020

IIUSA Virtual Industry Forum

Sarah Kendall, Chief of the Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) at USCIS, addressed the attendees at yesterday’s IIUSA Virtual Industry Forum. Although her participation was limited, it was greatly appreciated by all in the EB-5 industry.

Ms. Kendall provided insights on a variety of recent topics impacting the EB-5 industry, including the recent shift to a visa-availability approach to processing I-526 adjudications, I-829 processing of primary and dependent applicants, updates to the Form I-924A, integrity and ongoing compliance monitoring, among other topics. In addition, Ms. Kendall directed EB-5 participants to the USCIS and State Department Q&A sections of their respective websites for answers to many questions to which she did not have time to respond.

Ms. Kendall concluded her presentation by covering a variety of previously submitted questions, including pandemic-related construction delays, the impacts of regional center termination on the adjudication of an I-829 petition, reporting, publications, and other topics.

One unfortunately lacking part of the presentation was greater clarity on the recent change in USCIS policy regarding further deployment of capital following a return from the initial target project. In this instance, Ms. Kendall merely repeated that this was merely a clarification of existing policy, and failed to provide any additional clarity.

As the leading regional center in the EB-5 industry, CMB Regional Centers acknowledges and appreciates USCIS’s efforts to maintain visibility on this important topic. At the same time, while CMB continues to maintain strict adherence to USCIS’ policies, we again extend an invitation to the USCIS to pursue greater engagement with stakeholders across the EB-5 industry. In doing so, we encourage the USCIS to advance transparency and increase their level of communication and engagement.

The IIUSA Virtual Industry Forum has additional sessions from now through November 19, 2020. On November 12, CMB’s President, Noreen Hogan, will provide industry insights on the effects of the recent changes by the USCIS to its policy on redeployment.

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USCIS IPO Chief Participates in IIUSA Virtual Webinar

IIUSA Virtual Industry Forum Sarah Kendall, Chief of the Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) at USCIS, addressed the attendees at yesterday’s IIUSA her...

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