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The Real Impact of EB-5

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The Real Impact of EB-5

CMB Regional Centers limited partnerships have directly injected over $2.8 billion in EB-5 capital into economically distressed urban and rural areas in over 20 states. This massive contribution of EB-5 capital has been combined with over $11 billion in public –private financing to create horizontal and vertical infrastructure for housing developments, logistics centers, biomass and solar renewable energy plants, and much more. USCIS reporting requirements often only capture a fraction of the employment impacts these partnership investments have on their respective local communities. To understand the far reaching impacts EB-5 capital has on distressed communities, you need to analyze the spillover effects an initial development has on attracting other investments and boosting growth. In this section we analyze the often overlooked impacts select CMB EB-5 partnership funds are having on depressed communities around America.