The Top Three EB-5 Investor Goals

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EB-5 Investors Top 3 Priorities:

CMB believes that foreign national investors require a three-pillar approach to achieving their EB-5 goals. Those EB-5 client goals and how CMB strives to achieve them are described below:
1. Your Top Priority Is Obtaining Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card).
In short, CMB strives to be the best EB-5 investor visa program in the marketplace. We do this by establishing limited partnerships that serve as an EB-5 investment vehicle to make EB-5 investments that meet or exceed every requirement of the USCIS thus giving our investors, the foreign nationals applying for USCIS approval of an EB-5 visa, confidence their petition will be approved. CMB’s tested business model that focuses on proven job creation methodologies and solid statistically backed TEA designations has resulted in successful adjudications time and time again.
EB=5 Green Card 
2. Your EB-5 money back, Return of the investor’s original capital EB-5 investment.
While EB-5 statutes require the investor’s capital to be fully at risk for the entire period of conditional residency, CMB seeks out EB-5 investment opportunities that are structured to minimize this risk. Ensuring the capital is “at risk” does not mean that the EB-5 investment needs to be “risky”. Just like the investor, CMB’s success depends on the strength of the borrower. Ensuring that the goals of the Regional Center are well-aligned with the goals of the EB-5 investor provides for a successful foundation.
3. Secure a rate of return on EB-5 investment for our investors.
Notice that the return on EB-5 investment is third on the list. Why? If the primary goal of the investor is a return on investment, we are positive that EB-5 is not be the best tool for that investor. The primary goal of an EB-5 investor is the permanent visa not a return on the EB-5 investment. Potential EB-5 investors have acquired considerable net worth and are sophisticated investors. They understand the perils of high-risk investments. CMB believes the EB-5 program is not an “investment” program, rather a jobs creation program. We structure our EB-5 investments with their primary focus to achieve the first two aforementioned goals. We believe safety in EB-5 means being able to show ten new American jobs. We also have confidence our investments truly qualify for the lower threshold investment amount. Our EB-5 investments are projected to provide a very small return on investment; however, our approach that a safe EB-5 investment (one that will produce jobs) that minimizes risk offers the investor confidence they will receive permanent residency and their original capital back. This structure meets the “at risk” requirement of the EB-5 program and in our opinion it is structured as one of the safest EB-5 investments today.
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