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Industry leader in creating jobs through EB-5 Investments.

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EB-5 Investor Visa Program for the U.S.A.

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EB-5 Regional Center Program Currently Authorized Through December 11th, 2020



The EB-5 program is a permanent residence program allowing for immigration by investment to the United States of America. CMB Regional Centers offers investment opportunities to foreign nationals who would like to utilize the EB-5 program to obtain permanent residence in the United States.

Invest in America

Invest a minimum of $900,000 (plus associated costs) into an open CMB EB-5 Project.

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CMB EB-5 investment offerings are structured such that each EB-5 investor should meet the requirements of the EB-5 investor visa program. A primary requirement is the creation of 10 new American jobs.
Immigrate to America

Success in EB-5 ultimately provides U.S. permanent residency (green card) to the EB-5 investor, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age.

5 families who have immigrated to the united states with their spouse and children
Live in America

U.S. permanent residents may live, work, and travel anywhere in the United States.

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Permanent residents pay ‘resident' tuition rates at U.S. colleges and universities in their home state.
Permanent residency also offers a path to U.S. citizenship.


Over Twenty Years of Experience

CMB Export (the first of 16 CMB Regional Centers) was established in 1997 and is one of the oldest and most successful Regional Centers in the EB-5 industry today.

In-House Professionals

CMB employs in-house business attorneys, economists, financial analysts, and compliance professionals to provide industry leading service.

Client Services

CMB staff speak 10+ languages in house and our experienced team works closely with each investor's attorney to provide all necessary EB-5 project documentation for their immigration petitions.

EB-5 Industry Pioneer

CMB was the first regional center to rely solely upon indirect and induced job creation, and was the first to introduce what is commonly referred to as the loan model.


Every CMB EB-5 Partnership's financials and CMB's track record are audited by a third-party nationally recognized accounting firm.

Worldwide Presence

CMB has investors from over 100 countries. CMB has affiliate representatives located in China, Vietnam, Europe, India, and the Middle East that are available for individual meetings.

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I-526 Approvals *

I-829 Approvals *



Jobs Created

* I-526 and I-829 approvals are audited on a quarterly basis by BKD,LLP, a third-party national accounting firm.

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Los proyectos que CMB realiza son solidos y muy bien programados

Nos decidimos por la Visa Eb5 ya que consideramos el mejor camino para conseguir la residencia para nuestra familia, cuando nos informamos del funcionamiento y los requisitos de la Visa, fuimos a seleccionar los profesionales para poder realizar la aplicacion de forma exitosa y nos llamo la atencion la empresa CMB, con una estructuracion de sus centros regionales muy bien organizada para este fin. Siempre la atencion por parte de Carlos de CMB fue detallada y con gran professionalismo, lo que nos hizo sentir seguros de la inversion a realizar. En todas las etapas de la aplicacion, contamos con las respuestas detalladas a nuestras dudas por parte de Carlos de manera inmediata, y con su atencion constituyo una ayuda importantisima a cada momento. No fue nuestra intencion al realizar la inversion el motivo financiero y si unicamente el objetivo de conseguir la residencia, y al final del proyecto recuperar nuestro capital historico.Los proyectos que CMB realiza son solidos y muy bien programados, asi que hoy podemos decir que nuestro objetivo está siendo cumplido y el servicio contratado, ejecutado de manera muy satisfactoria. G.C. - Argentina


Making this investment through CMB is definitely the right thing to do!

When my lawyers spoke to me about the EB-5 visa programme, i was initially skeptical.I recently received my i-526 approval and awaiting consular processing but at this point i would like to thank Mr Patrick Hogan and Mr Kraig Schwigen for being so efficient and diligent with leading this program and the updating the investors from time to time with all the progress. Making this investment through CMB is definitely the right thing to do! thank you. A.O. - India


Investing in CMB makes you feel part of the CMB family

I have found Patrick Hogan and Kraig Schwigen both to be people very similar to myself, both will go the extra mile to assist someone even if this means putting themselves out and changing their schedules. They both took the time to call whilst in China of all places to make sure there was nothing I needed to assist in my application, they have always been at arms length with regards either e-mail or a phone call away to assist in any way they can. Investing in CMB makes you feel part of the CMB family. Patrick has always taken the time to follow individual cases through to the end and was the first to call and congratulate me and my family when we finally got the EB-5 approval for investment. J.Z. - China


I wanted to select a Regional Center with a business model that minimized the risk to the initial capital investment. After a lot of research, I selected CMB Regional Centers

The EB-5 program was highly attractive to me as a means of securing permanent residency for my family and myself within a reasonable timeframe, leveraging personal financial resources that I had saved through employment. Investment returns were not a criteria for selection of this program, although I wanted to select a Regional Center with a business model that minimized the risk to the initial capital investment. After a lot of research, I selected CMB Regional Centers for a number of reasons: -Informative, knowledgeable staff who took time to explain the process, the opportunity and risks and facilitate the transaction without high pressure sales tactics. -Solid track record. -Clear and credible business plan that explained how the requisite jobs were to be created through the investment. -How risk to base capital would be minimized, with a low but credible investment return. -Clearly defined timeline to winding up the limited partnership and expected return of capital. Having successfully passed the I-829 stage and achieved unconditional permanent resident status, I can say that I am very happy to have selected CMB and would recommend them for serious consideration by anybody else contemplating this path to permanent residency. A.S. - United Kingdom

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