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Industry leader in creating jobs through EB-5 Investments.

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EB-5 Investor Visa Program for the U.S.A.

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EB-5 Regional Center Program Currently Authorized Through June 30th, 2021



The EB-5 program is a permanent residence program allowing for immigration by investment to the United States of America. CMB Regional Centers offers investment opportunities to foreign nationals who would like to utilize the EB-5 program to obtain permanent residence in the United States.

Invest in America

Invest a minimum of $900,000 (plus associated costs) into an open CMB EB-5 Project.

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CMB EB-5 investment offerings are structured such that each EB-5 investor should meet the requirements of the EB-5 investor visa program. A primary requirement is the creation of 10 new American jobs.
Immigrate to America

Success in EB-5 ultimately provides U.S. permanent residency (green card) to the EB-5 investor, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age.

5 families who have immigrated to the united states with their spouse and children
Live in America

U.S. permanent residents may live, work, and travel anywhere in the United States.

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Permanent residents pay ‘resident' tuition rates at U.S. colleges and universities in their home state.
Permanent residency also offers a path to U.S. citizenship.


Over Twenty Years of Experience

CMB Export (the first of 15 CMB Regional Centers) was established in 1997 and is one of the oldest and most successful Regional Centers in the EB-5 industry today.

In-House Professionals

CMB employs in-house business attorneys, economists, financial analysts, and compliance professionals to provide industry leading service.

Client Services

CMB staff speak 10+ languages in house and our experienced team works closely with each investor's attorney to provide all necessary EB-5 project documentation for their immigration petitions.

EB-5 Industry Pioneer

CMB was the first regional center to rely solely upon indirect and induced job creation, and was the first to introduce what is commonly referred to as the loan model.


Every CMB EB-5 Partnership's financials and CMB's track record are audited by a third-party nationally recognized accounting firm.

Worldwide Presence

CMB has investors from over 100 countries. CMB has affiliate representatives located in China, Vietnam, Europe, India, and the Middle East that are available for individual meetings.

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I-526 Approvals *

I-829 Approvals *



Jobs Created

* I-526 and I-829 approvals are audited on a quarterly basis by BKD,LLP, a third-party national accounting firm.

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CMB is an excellent company

Dear Patrick F. Hogan, Today I am grateful for the attention, dedication and professionalism that the CMB demonstrated in those years, so that I could reach my goal of immigrating legally to the United States of America. In August 2013 I closed the contract of my partnership. I made my investment in group XI. In 2015, I was in my interview for my Green Card (I-526). I came to the United States in 2015. In 2017 I had my I-826 in hand.I did not have a difficulty or complaint from my Immigration Lawyer regarding the lack of a document. CMB is an excellent company. Today June 2018, I had the biggest surprise. With a year and a half before maturity, I received from CMB the return on my investment. I just have to thank the entire CMB team. Especially Gisele, thank you for your attention for all these years. Thank you. S.G. - Brazil


I know we had made an excellent decision with CMB EB-5 visa

Thank you so much for this. You guys have been great from the very beginning. Everything happened so smoothly. Our I-526 was approved within months as did the I-829. Getting paid back early is the icing on the cake. I know we had made an excellent decision with CMB even though there were several other options at the time. Really appreciate all you help. Give my regards to Pat Hogan who was so helpful to us in the early days. F.A. - India


Aujourd'hui je conseille vivement CMB regional center puisque ce qui est annoncé sur leur site bien la vérité et ce n'est pas du cinéma

Notre aventure EB5 à commencé après deux ans passés aux USA ( visa E2) statut qui malheureusement s'est avéré être une impasse quand à notre changement de projet d'immigrer dans le pays. Nous nous sommes donc rapprochés d'un avocat d'immigration spécialisé dans l'EB5 ( ils ne le sont pas tous) pour la mise en place du process qui fut dans notre cas l'investissement d'une vie ( vente de notre maison en France et mise sur la table de toutes nos économies...). La base de l'EB5 doit être à risque mais je rassure tout le monde , un bon avocat avec des résultats 100% positifs sur ses dossier clients et ce sûr de nombreuse années sait parfaitement identifier ses partenaires ( regional center). En revanche l'avocat en lui même n'était pas suffisant à notre niveau car nous avions tellement de questions très précises et besoin d'être rassuré sur tous les cas de figures du projet que nous avons commencé à communiquer en direct avec CMB et plus particulièrement Moussa qui était la personne en charge du marché francophone. Moussa à été extrêmement présent dans les mois qui ont suivi le dépôt de notre demande (28 septembre 2015 jusqu'à ces derniers jour et l'approbation de notre dossier le 8 février 2017 ) surtout dans le 6 derniers mois . Toujours à l'écoute , disponible , à la recherche de la meilleure réponse possible auprès de sa direction quand il ne savait pas , rapide à répondre aux emails, et si nécessaire il prenait le téléphone pour vous tenir au courant. En résumé dans notre cas notre le ""rêve américain"" ou du moins l'avenir de notre famille aux USA peut être envisager mais que ce fut long d'attendre plus de 16 mois. Aujourd'hui je conseille vivement CMB regional center puisque ce qui est annoncé sur leur site bien la vérité et ce n'est pas du cinéma ( heureusement vous allez me dire - mais attention dans cet univers ce n'est pas toujours le cas). La première phase de ce long process est maintenant acquise après l'obtention de la GREEN CARD temporaire (24 mois) et ce terminera avec l'ouverture de la deuxième phase de levée de condition temporaire 90 jours avant les 24 mois. F.L. - France


It has been long waiting for approval but in the end of the day it's worth

I am happy to inform you that my petition I526 was just approved on July 30, 2018 after my response to RFE regarding SOF on July 18, 2018. I received the RFE on Apr. 16, 2018. It has been long waiting for approval but in the end of the day it's worth. Now I and my family are excitingly prepared for next step for visa, and arrangement for settling down in the US. I just want to say thanks to CMB for professional working in documentations for my petition regarding the project. Thanks to your partner recommended to me, the NVS company who has always been going along with me in this petition process for I526 approval, NVS is very professional and transparency in working in this process with me compared to other agents I have ever known. My special thanks to Huyen Ngo for her hard work and clearly explained to me all details about EB5 program and the Regional Center from the beginning so that I was convinced and had trust in CMB and the program. Finally not forget thanking Ky Boyle for the in person meeting with me in Vietnam in 2016 for further explanation of how the EB5 works, about the project as well as CMB. V.P. - Vietnam

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose CMB for your EB-5 Investment:

Our Investor-First Approach . CMB Regional Centers is a family-owned company that understands the goals for the EB-5 investor and their family. As a result, CMB develops our projects with the primary goals of the EB-5 investor and their family in mind. CMB seeks out EB-5 investment opportunities that minimize risk...

Top Ten Reasons to Choose CMB for your EB-5 Investment:

CMB Announces Full Subscription of Group 75 and Receives USCIS Approval On Our Currently Available Group 78 Project

CMB Regional Centers is excited to announce that one of our latest EB-5 investment opportunities, CMB Group 75 – Hillwood Commerce 275, is now fully subscribed! The Group 75 partnership consists of 29 immigrant investors from 16 different countries who chose CMB to make their U.S. immigration goals a reality. The 75...

CMB Announces Full Subscription of Group 75 and Receives USCIS Approval On Our Currently Available Group 78 Project

EB-5 Project Receives Approval From USCIS

CMB’s Group 78 Partnership Receives I-924 Approval from the USCIS DALLAS, May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CMB Regional Center’s Group 78 – “Hillwood California BTS” project has received approval of its I-924 Exemplar petition from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Group 78’s I-924...

EB-5 Project Receives Approval From USCIS

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