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Current EB-5 Projects

Ten Recent EB-5 Projects

Our projects go through a rigorous underwriting process to mitigate our investors’ financial risk and to give the greatest likelihood of achieving their immigration success by creating the minimum 10 required jobs per investor.

Group 70 – Hillwood Logistics III

California and Florida

  • EB-5 Loan: $42,000,000
  • Total Spending: $217,447,378
  • Total Jobs: 1,001*
  • Investors: 84

Group 71 – Seattle Student Housing

Seattle, WA

  • EB-5 Loan: $27,500,000
  • Total Spending: $103,541,924
  • Total Jobs: 871*
  • Investors: 55

Group 72 – Hillwood Amazon Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

  • EB-5 Loan: $25,000,000
  • Total Spending: $117,777,150
  • Total Jobs: 621*
  • Investors: 50

Group 73 – Hillwood Hazleton & Alameda

Alameda, Ca and Hazleton, PA

  • EB-5 Loan: $10,500,000
  • Total Spending: $188,312,923
  • Total Jobs: 722*
  • Investors: 21

Group 74 – Augusta Street Lofts

San Antonio, TX

  • EB-5 Loan: $7,800,000
  • Total Spending: $47,336,262
  • Total Jobs: 291*
  • Investors: 9

Group 78 – Hillwood California BTS

San Bernardino and Riverside, CA

  • EB-5 Loan: $75,500,000
  • Total Spending: $317,278,925
  • Total Jobs: 2,695*
  • Investors: 99

Group 81 – Inland Empire Industrial

San Bernardino, CA

  • EB-5 Loan: $68,000,000
  • Total Spending: $261,368,158
  • Total Jobs: 1,087*
  • Investors: 85

Group 82 – Hazleton Logistics Park

Hazleton, PA

  • EB-5 Loan: $36,000,000
  • Total Spending: $91,835,137
  • Total Jobs: 538*
  • Investors: 45

Group 84 - Hillwood Daytona BTS

Daytona, Florida

  • EB-5 Loan: $79,200,000
  • Total Spending: $373,400,000
  • Total Jobs: 3,632*
  • Investors: 99

Group 88 - Hillwood Detroit Fairgrounds

Detroit, Michigan

  • EB-5 Loan: $24,000,000
  • Total Spending: $65,300,000
  • Total Jobs: 645*
  • Investors: 30

CMB works with top award winning developers to provide the best projects to our investors.

  • 2021Developer of the Year - Hillwood Communities (Hillwood)
  • 2021#5 Best indoor waterpark - Great Wolf Lodge Hotels (Great Wolf Resorts)
  • 2021#1 Hotel - Grand Bohemian Charlotte (Kessler)
  • 2020Developer of the Year - Hillwood Communities (Hillwood)
  • 2019Best Master-Planned Community - Hillwood Communities (Hillwood)
  • 2018Development Partner of the Year - Autograph Collection (Kessler)
  • 2017Development Partner of the Year - Autograph Collection (Kessler)
  • 2016Developer of the Year - Hillwood Communities (Hillwood)
  • 2015Outstanding Single-Family Developer - Hillwood Communities (Hillwood)

Past EB-5 Projects

Project Name
EB-5 Loan
Total Spending
Total Jobs
Project NameGroup 91 - Hillwood DTW Air CargoLocationDetroit, MIEB-5 Loan$79,200,000Total Spending$399,880,754Total Jobs0Investors99
Project NameGroup 84 - Hillwood Daytona BTSLocationFloridaEB-5 Loan$79,200,000Total Spending$373,442,112Total Jobs3,632*Investors99
Project NameGroup 88 - Hillwood Detroit FairgroundsLocationDetroit, MichiganEB-5 Loan$24,000,000Total Spending$65,300,000Total Jobs645*Investors30
Project NameGroup 83 - SoMILocationHayward, CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$49,600,000Total Spending$142,900,000Total Jobs833*Investors62
Project NameGroup 82 - Hazleton LogisticsLocationHazleton, PennsylvaniaEB-5 Loan$36,000,000Total Spending$91,835,137Total Jobs538*Investors23
Project NameGroup 81 – Inland Empire Industrial LocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$68,000,000Total Spending$261,368,158Total Jobs1,087*Investors85
Project NameGroup 79 - Pinnacle BTSLocationMichiganEB-5 Loan$27,000,000Total Spending$80,306,751Total Jobs522*Investors30
Project NameGroup 78 - Hillwood California BTSLocationCaliforniaEB-5 Loan$75,500,000Total Spending$317,278,925Total Jobs2,695*Investors99
Project NameGroup 75 - Hillwood Commerce 275LocationMichiganEB-5 Loan$26,100,000Total Spending$86,116,131Total Jobs512*Investors29
Project NameGroup 74 - Augusta Street LoftsLocationSan Antonio, TXEB-5 Loan$7,800,000Total Spending$47,336,262Total Jobs291*Investors9
Project NameGroup 73 - Hillwood Hazleton & AlamedaLocationAlameda, Ca and Hazleton, PAEB-5 Loan$10,500,000Total Spending$188,312,923Total Jobs722*Investors21
Project NameGroup 72 - Hillwood Amazon PittsburghLocationPittsburgh, PAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$117,777,150Total Jobs621*Investors50
Project NameGroup 71 - Seattle Student HousingLocationSeattle, WAEB-5 Loan$27,500,000Total Spending$103,541,924Total Jobs871*Investors55
Project NameGroup 70 - Hillwood Logistics IIILocationCalifornia and FloridaEB-5 Loan$42,000,000Total Spending$217,447,378Total Jobs1,001*Investors84
Project NameGroup 69 - Grand Bohemian Hotel - GreenvilleLocationGreenville, South CarolinaEB-5 Loan$26,700,000Total Spending$108,448,787Total Jobs1,418*Investors51
Project NameGroup 68 - Grand Bohemian Hotel - CharlotteLocationCharlotte, NCEB-5 Loan$30,000,000Total Spending$122,000,000Total Jobs1,390*Investors60
Project NameGroup 67 - Great Wolf Lodge ArizonaLocationnear Scottsdale, AZEB-5 Loan$40,500,000Total Spending$155,994,000Total Jobs7,688*Investors81
Project NameGroup 66 - Harwood HotelLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$27,500,000Total Spending$94,388,549Total Jobs2,718*Investors55
Project NameGroup 65 - Stillwater Deep EllumLocationDallas, TexasEB-5 Loan$15,000,000Total Spending$59,322,004Total Jobs607*Investors30
Project NameGroup 64 - HW Rialto/SycamoreLocationCaliforniaEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$321,865,948Total Jobs1,404*Investors99
Project NameGroup 63 Hillwood Industrial & ResidentialLocationCalifornia and TexasEB-5 Loan$45,500,000Total Spending$181,662,217Total Jobs1,041*Investors91
Project NameGroup 62 - Elliot Park HotelLocationMinneapolis, MNEB-5 Loan$15,000,000Total Spending$68,838,262Total Jobs689*Investors30
Project NameGroup 61 - Hillwood Alameda PointLocationAlameda, CAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$137,848,794Total Jobs816*Investors50
Project NameGroup 60 - HW Rialto Building 5LocationRialto, CAEB-5 Loan$12,000,000Total Spending$122,439,826Total Jobs419*Investors24
Project NameGroup 59 - Vista CanyonLocationSanta Clarita, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$62,568,145Total Jobs700*Investors44
Project NameGroup 58 - Hillwood Mansfield RetailLocationMansfield, TXEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$38,400,000Total Jobs228*Investors16
Project NameGroup 57 - Griffin MonroviaLocationMonrovia, CAEB-5 Loan$15,500,000Total Spending$70,230,899Total Jobs789*Investors31
Project NameGroup 56 - Griffin AtlantaLocationAtlanta, GAEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$64,499,441Total Jobs872*Investors33
Project NameGroup 55 - HW York & West DeptfordLocationYork County, PA & West Deptford, NJEB-5 Loan$17,000,000Total Spending$109,343,345Total Jobs460*Investors34
Project NameGroup 54 - The Tribute-Element HotelLocationFort Lauderdale, FLEB-5 Loan$27,000,000Total Spending$101,447,496Total Jobs1,013*Investors54
Project NameGroup 53 - HW Logistics IILocationFlorida, Illinois, PennsylvaniaEB-5 Loan$48,000,000Total Spending$175,000,000Total Jobs1,164*Investors97
Project NameGroup 52 - HW Chino HillsLocationChino Hills, CAEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$92,701,885Total Jobs597*Investors33
Project NameGroup 51 - Great Wolf Lodge GeorgiaLocationLaGrange, GAEB-5 Loan$72,000,000Total Spending$199,965,691Total Jobs4,710*Investors144
Project NameGroup 50 - Bear LakeLocationJackson County, NCEB-5 Loan$8,500,000Total Spending$50,622,207Total Jobs464*Investors17
Project NameGroup 49 - Harwood No. 10LocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$24,000,000Total Spending$117,000,000Total Jobs832*Investors48
Project NameGroup 48 - Century PlazaLocationCentury City, CAEB-5 Loan$450,000,000Total Spending$1,676,187,476Total Jobs13,595Investors900
Project NameGroup 47 - OmahaLocationOmaha, NebraskaEB-5 Loan$36,000,000Total Spending$157,463,865Total Jobs1,629*Investors72
Project NameGroup 46 - Trade Center 83LocationYork County, PennsylvaniaEB-5 Loan$18,000,000Total Spending$69,347,734Total Jobs746Investors36
Project NameGroup 45 - HW LGC Dallas & HoustonLocationDallas, TX & Houston, TXEB-5 Loan$25,500,000Total Spending$80,032,324Total Jobs618*Investors51
Project NameGroup 43 - Market Square TowerLocationIndianapolis, INEB-5 Loan$28,500,000Total Spending$112,195,345Total Jobs1,594Investors57
Project NameGroup 42 - Hillwood LogisticsLocationCalifornia, Pennsylvania, TexasEB-5 Loan$37,000,000Total Spending$198,630,844Total Jobs2,382*Investors74
Project NameGroup 41 - Integral DenverLocationDenver, COEB-5 Loan$24,000,000Total Spending$117,886,331Total Jobs800*Investors48
Project NameGroup 40 - Stillwater AmesburyLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$38,500,000Total Spending$108,574,230Total Jobs1,242*Investors77
Project NameGroup 38 - Hillwood Foster SquareLocationFoster City, CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$67,857,000Total Jobs247*Investors8
Project NameGroup 37 - Smith Home FarmLocationPrince George's County, MDEB-5 Loan$70,000,000Total Spending$368,535,745Total Jobs4,189*Investors140
Project NameGroup 35 - Hillwood RedlandsLocationRedlands, CAEB-5 Loan$12,000,000Total Spending$79,867,995Total Jobs290*Investors24
Project NameGroup 34 - The CalifornianLocationSouthern CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$177,218,055Total Jobs2,824Investors80
Project NameGroup 33 - West HillsLocationLehigh Valley, PAEB-5 Loan$30,000,000Total Spending$88,006,578Total Jobs1,228Investors60
Project NameGroup 32 - Dakota SpiritLocationStutsman County, NDEB-5 Loan$75,000,000Total Spending$212,229,099Total Jobs3,047Investors150
Project NameGroup 31 - The WarrenLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$33,200,000Total Jobs493Investors16
Project NameGroup 30 - BuckinghamLocationNashville, TNEB-5 Loan$46,000,000Total Spending$139,350,000Total Jobs2,565Investors92
Project NameGroup 29 - San Francisco ResidentialLocationSan Francisco, CAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$236,937,058Total Jobs1,451Investors50
Project NameGroup 28 - Loch LomondLocationSan Rafael, CAEB-5 Loan$20,000,000Total Spending$94,700,000Total Jobs760Investors44
Project NameGroup 27 - PomonaLocationManvel, TXEB-5 Loan$14,000,000Total Spending$52,000,000Total Jobs649Investors28
Project NameGroup 26 - CecilLocationJacksonville, FLEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$25,706,179Total Jobs965Investors16
Project NameGroup 25 - StillwaterLocationAustin, Dallas, & San Antonio, TXEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$81,796,439Total Jobs1,077Investors52
Project NameGroup 24 - College StationLocationCollege Station, TXEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$152,783,016Total Jobs2,267Investors99
Project NameGroup 23 - Cannery Park/RivendellLocationDavis, CA & Redlands, CAEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$135,900,000Total Jobs1,251Investors52
Project NameGroup 22 - Fairfield at RossLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$52,972,514Total Jobs671Investors33
Project NameGroup 21 - TexacoLocationHouston, TXEB-5 Loan$31,500,000Total Spending$65,670,589Total Jobs1,986Investors63
Project NameGroup 20 - Ken Shaw/ABOTLocationHutchins & Dallas, TXEB-5 Loan$33,000,000Total Spending$92,218,970Total Jobs1,332Investors78
Project NameGroup XIX - DFWLocationDallas / Fort Worth, TXEB-5 Loan$16,000,000Total Spending$53,632,301Total Jobs1,069Investors32
Project NameGroup XVIII - WebsterLocationSan Francisco, CAEB-5 Loan$65,000,000Total Spending$398,622,701Total Jobs2,752Investors130
Project NameGroup XVII - Orange Show RoadLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$16,000,000Total Spending$61,646,041Total Jobs950Investors32
Project NameGroup XVI - Great Wolf LodgeLocationGarden Grove, CAEB-5 Loan$116,000,000Total Spending$291,530,000Total Jobs5,596Investors232
Project NameGroup XV - DowneyLocationDowney, CAEB-5 Loan$18,000,000Total Spending$5,147,750Total Jobs4,058Investors36
Project NameGroup XIV - BerryessaLocationSan Jose, CAEB-5 Loan$35,000,000Total Spending$129,000,000Total Jobs1,252Investors70
Project NameGroup XIII - ChinoLocationChino, CA & San Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$96,925,802Total Jobs790Investors44
Project NameGroup XII - NewportLocationNewport Beach, CAEB-5 Loan$42,000,000Total Spending$162,800,000Total Jobs1,751Investors42
Project NameGroup XI - ACS CobraLocationNye County, NVEB-5 Loan$80,000,000Total Spending$974,000,000Total Jobs12,051Investors160
Project NameGroup X - Goodyear & HooverLocationAkron & N. Canton, OHEB-5 Loan$104,000,000Total Spending$322,000,000Total Jobs6,136Investors208
Project NameGroup IX - Crescent DunesLocationBlythe, California & Nye County, NVEB-5 Loan$90,000,000Total Spending$1,023,000,000Total Jobs6,463Investors180
Project NameGroup VIII - San BernardinoLocationSouthern CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$65,000,000Total Spending$225,646,895Total Jobs2,604Investors130
Project NameGroup VII - IvanpahLocationSan Bernardino County, CAEB-5 Loan$90,000,000Total Spending$2,159,382,620Total Jobs30,867Investors180
Project NameGroup VI-C - McClellan / SBEDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$49,000,000Total Spending$430,399,924Total Jobs5,115Investors98
Project NameGroup VI-B - McClellanLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$41,000,000Total Spending$385,512,256Total Jobs4,312Investors82
Project NameGroup VI-A - IDVA/McClellanLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$45,000,000Total Spending$420,857,920Total Jobs4,871Investors90
Project NameGroup V - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$152,401,570Total Jobs2,437Investors44
Project NameGroup IV - IVDA/McClellanLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$46,000,000Total Spending$217,951,237Total Jobs3,252Investors92
Project NameGroup III - IVDA/SBIAALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$21,000,000Total Spending$93,315,060Total Jobs1,535Investors42
Project NameGroup II - IVDA/McClellanLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$146,567,012Total Jobs1,698Investors52
Project NameGroup I - IVDA/SBIAA & MBPLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$20,000,000Total Spending$94,223,408Total Jobs1,318Investors40
Project NameGroup B - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$7,000,000Total Spending$23,650,845Total Jobs1,057Investors14
Project NameGroup A - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$5,000,000Total Spending$38,700,000Total Jobs642Investors10
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