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Current CMB EB-5 Projects

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Top EB-5 questions

 The following is a list of questions to ask all Regional Centers

Safety and Security:
- How many I-526 approvals do your EB-5 investors have?
- Have any of your EB-5 investors ever received an I-526 denial? If so, for what kind of reasons?
How many I-829 approvals do your EB-5 Investors have?
- Have any of your EB-5 investors ever received an I-829 denial? If so, for what kind of reasons?
- Have any of your EB-5 partnerships successfully returned capital to your EB-5 investors?  If so, how many and which partnerships?
- Are your track record statistics (I-526 approvals, I-829 approvals, return of capital) professionally audited by a third-party?
Job Creation:
- What is the methodology that is being used for calculating job creation?
- Are the claimed jobs direct or indirect jobs or a combination of both? How long will construction of the project take?
- If direct jobs are claimed, how will you gather I-9’s, W-2’s and proof of citizenship?
- Has the developer provided a completion guarantee on the project?
- How is job creation allocated among the EB-5 investors?
Regional Center Operations: 
-  Do you provide my immigration attorney with a template for my I-526 and I-829 petitions?
Does your team actively monitor the status of the project during development for construction compliance, job creation, ability to service debt, etc.?
-  Do you provide regular reporting to EB-5 investors such as project status updates, K-1s and capital account statements?
- Are the new commercial enterprise’s finances professionally audited by a third-party?
- Is each EB-5 investor allowed to see the financial records of the new commercial enterprise?
- Who is responsible for the day to day expenses of the new commercial enterprise?
- What costs will the EB-5 partnership be responsible for?
- What currently are the effects of retrogression? Does it have an effect on my investment?
Project Questions:
- Who is the developer of the project and what are their qualifications?
- Is the developer or owner of the project affiliated with the regional center? If so, what conflicts of interest does this raise?
- Has the developer ever developed an EB-5 related project before? If so, what were the results?
- Is the capital stack in place? Are all financing agreements executed?
- What position will the EB-5 funds take in the capital stack? Is this a Loan or an Equity investment?
- What is the collateral to secure the repayment of the EB-5 funds?
- What is the Borrower’s strategy to repay the EB-5 funds?
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CMB EB-5 Projects: Fully-Subscribed

History of EB-5 Green Card Success

CMB EB-5 Regional Centers have helped 5,700+ limited partners achieve their EB-5 goals and provide them with a path to permanent residency in the USA, creating a projected 185,700+ new American jobs in the process.

CMB offers high quality EB-5 Projects. View our past project successes below

Project Name
EB-5 Loan
Total Spending
Total Jobs
Project NameGroup 73 - Hillwood Hazleton & AlamedaLocationAlameda, Ca and Hazleton, PAEB-5 Loan$10,500,000Total Spending$188,312,923Total Jobs722*Investors21
Project NameGroup 72 - Hillwood Amazon PittsburghLocationPittsburgh, PAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$117,777,150Total Jobs621*Investors50
Project NameGroup 71 - Seattle Student HousingLocationSeattle, WAEB-5 Loan$27,500,000Total Spending$103,541,924Total Jobs871*Investors55
Project NameGroup 70 - Hillwood Logistics IIILocationCalifornia and FloridaEB-5 Loan$42,000,000Total Spending$217,447,378Total Jobs1,001*Investors84
Project NameGroup 69 - Grand Bohemian Hotel - GreenvilleLocationGreenville, South CarolinaEB-5 Loan$26,700,000Total Spending$108,448,787Total Jobs1,418*Investors51
Project NameGroup 68 - Grand Bohemian Hotel - CharlotteLocationCharlotte, NCEB-5 Loan$30,000,000Total Spending$122,000,000Total Jobs1,390*Investors60
Project NameGroup 67 - Great Wolf Lodge ArizonaLocationnear Scottsdale, AZEB-5 Loan$40,500,000Total Spending$155,994,000Total Jobs7,688*Investors81
Project NameGroup 66 - Harwood HotelLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$27,500,000Total Spending$94,388,549Total Jobs2,718*Investors55
Project NameGroup 65 - Stillwater Deep EllumLocationDallas, TexasEB-5 Loan$15,000,000Total Spending$59,322,004Total Jobs607*Investors30
Project NameGroup 64 - HW Rialto/SycamoreLocationCaliforniaEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$321,865,948Total Jobs1,404*Investors99
Project NameGroup 63 Hillwood Industrial & ResidentialLocationCalifornia and TexasEB-5 Loan$45,500,000Total Spending$181,662,217Total Jobs1,041*Investors91
Project NameGroup 62 - Elliot Park HotelLocationMinneapolis, MNEB-5 Loan$15,000,000Total Spending$68,838,262Total Jobs689*Investors30
Project NameGroup 61 - Hillwood Alameda PointLocationAlameda, CAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$137,848,794Total Jobs816*Investors50
Project NameGroup 60 - HW Rialto Building 5LocationRialto, CAEB-5 Loan$12,000,000Total Spending$122,439,826Total Jobs419*Investors24
Project NameGroup 59 - Vista CanyonLocationSanta Clarita, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$62,568,145Total Jobs700*Investors44
Project NameGroup 58 - Hillwood Mansfield RetailLocationMansfield, TXEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$38,400,000Total Jobs228*Investors16
Project NameGroup 57 - Griffin MonroviaLocationMonrovia, CAEB-5 Loan$15,500,000Total Spending$70,230,899Total Jobs789*Investors31
Project NameGroup 56 - Griffin AtlantaLocationAtlanta, GAEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$64,499,441Total Jobs872*Investors33
Project NameGroup 55 - HW York & West DeptfordLocationYork County, PA & West Deptford, NJEB-5 Loan$17,000,000Total Spending$109,343,345Total Jobs460*Investors34
Project NameGroup 54 - The Tribute-Element HotelLocationFort Lauderdale, FLEB-5 Loan$27,000,000Total Spending$101,447,496Total Jobs1,013*Investors54
Project NameGroup 53 - HW Logistics IILocationFlorida, Illinois, PennsylvaniaEB-5 Loan$48,000,000Total Spending$175,000,000Total Jobs1,164*Investors97
Project NameGroup 52 - HW Chino HillsLocationChino Hills, CAEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$92,701,885Total Jobs597*Investors33
Project NameGroup 51 - Great Wolf Lodge GeorgiaLocationLaGrange, GAEB-5 Loan$72,000,000Total Spending$199,965,691Total Jobs4,710*Investors144
Project NameGroup 50 - Bear LakeLocationJackson County, NCEB-5 Loan$8,500,000Total Spending$50,622,207Total Jobs464*Investors17
Project NameGroup 49 - Harwood No. 10LocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$24,000,000Total Spending$117,000,000Total Jobs832*Investors48
Project NameGroup 48 - Century PlazaLocationCentury City, CAEB-5 Loan$450,000,000Total Spending$1,676,187,476Total Jobs13,595Investors900
Project NameGroup 47 - OmahaLocationOmaha, NebraskaEB-5 Loan$36,000,000Total Spending$157,463,865Total Jobs1,629*Investors72
Project NameGroup 46 - Trade Center 83LocationYork County, PennsylvaniaEB-5 Loan$18,000,000Total Spending$69,347,734Total Jobs746Investors36
Project NameGroup 45 - HW LGC Dallas & HoustonLocationDallas, TX & Houston, TXEB-5 Loan$25,500,000Total Spending$80,032,324Total Jobs618*Investors51
Project NameGroup 43 - Market Square TowerLocationIndianapolis, INEB-5 Loan$28,500,000Total Spending$112,195,345Total Jobs1,594Investors57
Project NameGroup 42 - Hillwood LogisticsLocationCalifornia, Pennsylvania, TexasEB-5 Loan$37,000,000Total Spending$198,630,844Total Jobs2,382*Investors74
Project NameGroup 41 - Integral DenverLocationDenver, COEB-5 Loan$24,000,000Total Spending$117,886,331Total Jobs800*Investors48
Project NameGroup 40 - Stillwater AmesburyLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$38,500,000Total Spending$108,574,230Total Jobs1,242*Investors77
Project NameGroup 38 - Hillwood Foster SquareLocationFoster City, CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$67,857,000Total Jobs247*Investors8
Project NameGroup 37 - Smith Home FarmLocationPrince George's County, MDEB-5 Loan$70,000,000Total Spending$368,535,745Total Jobs4,189*Investors140
Project NameGroup 35 - Hillwood RedlandsLocationRedlands, CAEB-5 Loan$12,000,000Total Spending$79,867,995Total Jobs290*Investors24
Project NameGroup 34 - The CalifornianLocationSouthern CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$177,218,055Total Jobs2,824Investors80
Project NameGroup 33 - West HillsLocationLehigh Valley, PAEB-5 Loan$30,000,000Total Spending$88,006,578Total Jobs1,228Investors60
Project NameGroup 32 - Dakota SpiritLocationStutsman County, NDEB-5 Loan$75,000,000Total Spending$212,229,099Total Jobs3,047Investors150
Project NameGroup 31 - The WarrenLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$33,200,000Total Jobs493Investors16
Project NameGroup 30 - BuckinghamLocationNashville, TNEB-5 Loan$46,000,000Total Spending$139,350,000Total Jobs2,565Investors92
Project NameGroup 29 - San Francisco ResidentialLocationSan Francisco, CAEB-5 Loan$25,000,000Total Spending$236,937,058Total Jobs1,451Investors50
Project NameGroup 28 - Loch LomondLocationSan Rafael, CAEB-5 Loan$20,000,000Total Spending$94,700,000Total Jobs760Investors44
Project NameGroup 27 - PomonaLocationManvel, TXEB-5 Loan$14,000,000Total Spending$52,000,000Total Jobs649Investors28
Project NameGroup 26 - CecilLocationJacksonville, FLEB-5 Loan$8,000,000Total Spending$25,706,179Total Jobs965Investors16
Project NameGroup 25 - StillwaterLocationAustin, Dallas, & San Antonio, TXEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$81,796,439Total Jobs1,077Investors52
Project NameGroup 24 - College StationLocationCollege Station, TXEB-5 Loan$49,500,000Total Spending$152,783,016Total Jobs2,267Investors99
Project NameGroup 23 - Cannery Park/RivendellLocationDavis, CA & Redlands, CAEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$135,900,000Total Jobs1,251Investors52
Project NameGroup 22 - Fairfield at RossLocationDallas, TXEB-5 Loan$16,500,000Total Spending$52,972,514Total Jobs671Investors33
Project NameGroup 21 - TexacoLocationHouston, TXEB-5 Loan$31,500,000Total Spending$65,670,589Total Jobs1,986Investors63
Project NameGroup 20 - Ken Shaw/ABOTLocationHutchins & Dallas, TXEB-5 Loan$33,000,000Total Spending$92,218,970Total Jobs1,332Investors78
Project NameGroup XIX - DFWLocationDallas / Fort Worth, TXEB-5 Loan$16,000,000Total Spending$53,632,301Total Jobs1,069Investors32
Project NameGroup XVIII - WebsterLocationSan Francisco, CAEB-5 Loan$65,000,000Total Spending$398,622,701Total Jobs2,752Investors130
Project NameGroup XVII - Orange Show RoadLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$16,000,000Total Spending$61,646,041Total Jobs950Investors32
Project NameGroup XVI - Great Wolf LodgeLocationGarden Grove, CAEB-5 Loan$116,000,000Total Spending$291,530,000Total Jobs5,596Investors232
Project NameGroup XV - DowneyLocationDowney, CAEB-5 Loan$18,000,000Total Spending$5,147,750Total Jobs4,058Investors36
Project NameGroup XIV - BerryessaLocationSan Jose, CAEB-5 Loan$35,000,000Total Spending$129,000,000Total Jobs1,252Investors70
Project NameGroup XIII - ChinoLocationChino, CA & San Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$96,925,802Total Jobs790Investors44
Project NameGroup XII - NewportLocationNewport Beach, CAEB-5 Loan$42,000,000Total Spending$162,800,000Total Jobs1,751Investors42
Project NameGroup XI - ACS CobraLocationNye County, NVEB-5 Loan$80,000,000Total Spending$974,000,000Total Jobs12,051Investors160
Project NameGroup X - Goodyear & HooverLocationAkron & N. Canton, OHEB-5 Loan$104,000,000Total Spending$322,000,000Total Jobs6,136Investors208
Project NameGroup IX - Crescent DunesLocationBlythe, California & Nye County, NVEB-5 Loan$90,000,000Total Spending$1,023,000,000Total Jobs6,463Investors180
Project NameGroup VIII - San BernardinoLocationSouthern CaliforniaEB-5 Loan$65,000,000Total Spending$225,646,895Total Jobs2,604Investors130
Project NameGroup VII - IvanpahLocationSan Bernardino County, CAEB-5 Loan$90,000,000Total Spending$2,159,382,620Total Jobs30,867Investors180
Project NameGroup VI-C - McClellan / SBEDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$49,000,000Total Spending$430,399,924Total Jobs5,115Investors98
Project NameGroup VI-B - McClellanLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$41,000,000Total Spending$385,512,256Total Jobs4,312Investors82
Project NameGroup VI-A - IDVA/McClellanLocationSacramento, CAEB-5 Loan$45,000,000Total Spending$420,857,920Total Jobs4,871Investors90
Project NameGroup V - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$22,000,000Total Spending$152,401,570Total Jobs2,437Investors44
Project NameGroup IV - IVDA/McClellanLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$46,000,000Total Spending$217,951,237Total Jobs3,252Investors92
Project NameGroup III - IVDA/SBIAALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$21,000,000Total Spending$93,315,060Total Jobs1,535Investors42
Project NameGroup II - IVDA/McClellanLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$26,000,000Total Spending$146,567,012Total Jobs1,698Investors52
Project NameGroup I - IVDA/SBIAA & MBPLocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$20,000,000Total Spending$94,223,408Total Jobs1,318Investors40
Project NameGroup B - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$7,000,000Total Spending$23,650,845Total Jobs1,057Investors14
Project NameGroup A - IVDALocationSan Bernardino, CAEB-5 Loan$5,000,000Total Spending$38,700,000Total Jobs642Investors10
* - Projected