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CMB, a Hogan Company, Announces New Alternative Investment Company, NHK Capital PartnersAugust 5, 2019

CMB Regional Centers (“CMB”), a Hogan Company, is proud to announce the opening of a new affiliated investment firm. NHK Capital Partners (“NHK”) is a boutique investment platform that focuses on value driven investment opportunities in the U.S. alternative investment sector. Unlike CMB, which focuses on providing opportunities under the EB-5 investor visa program, NHK offers non-EB-5 investment opportunities to investors worldwide.

For its debut offering, NHK is joining with Stillwater Capital Investments, a private real estate company that was the developer of the projects in three past CMB EB-5 partnerships, to provide two different investment structures for the Augusta Street Lofts project (the "Project"). The Augusta Street Lofts will be a 262-unit luxury rental apartment complex in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The multifamily residential complex will include amenities such as a large resort-style pool, courtyard with pergolas and grilling stations, a state-of-the-art two-story fitness center, and a chic resident lounge.

The two different investment structures that NHK is offering are: (1) a partnership making an equity investment into the Project (for which interested investors would become limited partners in the equity investor limited partnership); and (2) a partnership providing mezzanine loan financing for the Project (for which interested investors would become limited partners in the lender limited partnership).

The equity investment partnership is structured as a long-term investment to give the investors the opportunity for higher capital gains returns, typically realized at the end of the investment term. In contrast, the mezzanine loan partnership is structured to give its investors a steady and periodic ordinary income stream starting from the first year the investment is made. The mezzanine loan partnership will be structured similarly to a CMB EB-5 partnership. These different structures are designed to meet the varying needs of our investors, and provide a tool to customize depending on each individual's needs.

CMB Regional Centers has raised over $2.9 billion from foreign national investors seeking US permanent residency through the EB-5 program and provided funding for projects in a vast variety of real estate asset classes: logistics, residential & multi-family housing, hotel & hospitality, resort & amusement facilities, student housing, office & mixed use, solar energy, and bio refinery developments. CMB Regional Centers’ EB-5 Partnerships have a 100% approval rate, thus delivering on the number one goal of EB-5 investors, a green card for themselves and their families.

NHK Capital Partners builds on this strong tradition and success, utilizing the client-focused mission of the Hogan Companies. NHK focuses on creating investment opportunities for individuals who would like access to investment products typically only available to institutional investors. Harnessing the synergy of the trust from our network of investors and the experience and success of our network of developers, NHK is uniquely positioned to offer a distinct opportunity to meet its clients’ investment needs. If you would like more information about the new NHK offerings, please contact NHK at or



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