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EB-5 Filing Fees Set to IncreaseFebruary 1, 2024

Yesterday (January 31, 2024), the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a final rule related to filing fees under the EB-5 immigrant investor program. These represent a large increase in filing fees for prospects looking to move forward with their EB-5 investment.  Specifically, the following fees impact prospective investor’s costs of their EB-5 investment:

  • I-526/I-526E filing fees will increase to $11,160. This represents a 204% increase, from $3,675.

  • I-829 petition filing fees will be increased to $9,530 (from $3,750).

The above fee increases, in addition to others, were originally proposed in January 2023 through a notice of proposed rulemaking. Although this change has been controversial (with nearly 8,000 comments on the proposal), the USCIS did not adjust the EB-5-related amounts during or after the comment period.

This fee schedule will go into effect on April 1st, 2024. Any I-526E petition filed on or after that date will be subject to these increased filing fees.

The fee increases impact not only prospective investors.  I-956 and I-956F petitions filed by prospective regional centers, and regional centers for each EB-5 investment partnership respectively will be increased to $47,695 (from $17,795).

CMB currently has two EB-5 investment opportunities available:

CMB Group 90 – Hillwood Treeline

CMB Group 91 – Hillwood DTW Air Cargo

Both of these EB-5 partnerships have units available. Group 90 already has an I-956F petition on file with the USCIS and investors can file their I-526E immediately.  The Group 91 petition will be filed in the very near future and investors interested will be able to file their I-526E petition prior to the fee increase.

With over 6,000 investors, CMB is one of the oldest and most successful regional center operators in the EB-5 industry. Contact us today to learn more about how an EB-5 investment can lead to permanent residency in the United States for you and your family!
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