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CMB Regional Centers and our continued success with Hillwood Development Company September 23, 2019

Over $3.5 Billion in combined economic development throughout six U.S. States 25 and cities

CMB Regional Centers and Hillwood Development Company are both leaders within their respective industries. CMB has been recognized as a leader and pioneer within the EB-5 industry by different organizations, including IIUSA and EB5 Investors Magazine. Hillwood is one of the largest and most successful developers in the U.S. and has developed projects for over 90 companies listed in either Fortune 500 or Global 500, including Amazon, FedEx, and Wayfair. Together, CMB and Hillwood represent the most successful lender-borrower relationship in the EB-5 industry.

CMB and Hillwood partnered for the first time in 2012, when the CMB Group 8 partnership loaned a Hillwood affiliate $65 million in EB-5 investment capital for the development of logistic and industrial facilities near San Bernardino Airport in California. Since 2012, the limited partners in the CMB Group 8 partnership have achieved the major milestones of success all EB-5 investors strive for: I-526 approvals, I-829 approvals, repayment of the $65 million loan and a return of capital to the investors within the partnership. Group 8 is the first of six loans to Hillwood affiliated borrowers that have now been repaid to CMB partnerships.

Since 2012, 25% of all CMB EB-5 investors have placed their trust in a CMB partnership serving as a lender to Hillwood projects, which spans 27 separate CMB EB-5 partnerships, of which 2 were raised at the higher investment threshold of $1 million. Of the 27 partnerships, 25 have received I-526 petition approval. The 26th and 27th partnerships, CMB Group 61 and 70, are currently open and available for subscription with petitions on file and pending USCIS adjudication.

CMB has been able to consistently replicate the success of the Group 8 partnership across all 27 CMB EB-5 partnerships that financed a Hillwood project. Through these 27 partnerships that CMB and Hillwood partnered together on, there was over $3.5 billion worth of economic spending that stimulated the U.S. economy, helping create nearly 25,000 new American jobs. This is a direct result of the efforts of these two industry leading companies.

Hillwood and CMB continue to work together and have developed a pipeline of future EB-5 projects. This is a relationship that will continue for years to come in assisting EB-5 investors with their goals of immigrating to the United States. CMB has always maintained a consistent approvable structure in each of its EB-5 partnerships. Although there is change coming within the EB-5 program, CMB will continue to be a leader in the industry and structure their partnerships in compliance with the rules and regulations of the EB-5 program.

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