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More EB-5 Capital Has Been Repaid to CMB PartnershipsApril 11, 2019

Almost $1 Billion in EB-5 Capital Has Been Repaid to CMB Regional Centers’ Partnerships

CMB is one of the oldest active and most successful regional centers in the EB-5 industry today, with over 20 years of EB-5 experience. Patrick Hogan, CMB’s CEO and Founder, has been involved in EB-5 since 1994, which coincides with the establishment of the Regional Center Pilot Program. CMB Export, LLC was CMB’s first regional center, which was approved by the USCIS in 1997.

Over 5,300 EB-5 investors have chosen a CMB partnership to achieve their EB-5 goal – a green card. There are very few EB-5 regional centers in existence today that can come close to this number. Of the 5,300+ EB-5 investors that have trusted CMB, nearly 4,800 investors and their families have achieved success through the first milestone: an I-526 petition approval. The I-526 approval allows the investor and qualifying family members to apply for their conditional green cards. CMB partnerships have also been able to help over 1,150 investors and their family members achieve success at the I-829 petition approval stage, which removes conditions on the green card and allows them to live permanently in the United States. CMB partnerships have achieved 100% project approval by the USCIS at both the I-526 and I-829 stages. The ability of CMB partnerships and CMB investors to have their conditions removed with the I-829 approval demonstrates true success, because it proves that the investment met the EB-5 requirements of the USCIS.
This is an amazing milestone. It brings me so much joy to congratulate all of the investors within these partnerships. Our mission at CMB has always been to put the investor’s goals in front of all else and CMB continues to do just that. It is great to be part of our investors’ success and continue to help them reach their EB-5 goals.” – Noreen Hogan, CMB President.

Success for CMB’s investors means success for CMB and the communities these partnerships invested into. EB-5 is and always was envisioned as an immigration program that created new American jobs and provided economic stimulus to communities in need. It is important when highlighting the success of CMB’s investors to also demonstrate the impact of their CMB EB-5 partnership investments. The stats below show the impact of the 5,300+ investor’s investments into a CMB partnership.

  • CMB has raised EB-5 capital in 68 different partnerships

  • Our partnerships have loaned $2,701,500,000 to developers to create jobs and meet the requirements of EB-5.

  • Total projected U.S. job creation of 177,894 jobs based on overall development costs, which is part of a larger total of $13,613,832,452 in overall spending from the developments we loaned money to.

  • Over 100 projects that CMB EB-5 capital was used in.

CMB continues to lead the industry not just in numbers, but also in the customer service we provide to our EB-5 investors. Our partnerships have proven time and time again that we always put our EB-5 investor’s goals first. CMB provides construction updates to the partnerships on a quarterly basis and has also started sending out a monthly newsletter so we can keep our investors up to date on what is happening, not only in their partnerships, but also at CMB and in the EB-5 industry.

If you or a friend would like to talk to CMB about the EB-5 investor visa program, please reach out to us through our website or call us at 309-797-1550.

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