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USCIS Releases the Form I-526E as CMB Partnerships Continue to Welcome New InvestorsJuly 13, 2022

Yesterday, July 12, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) released the new I-526E Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor form. This form will replace the standard I-526 form for regional center associated investors and will allow investors to begin filing petitions soon.

One of the most notable changes in the new I-526E form, as compared to the legacy I-526, is that it will incorporate the evidence submitted within a regional center’s filed I-956F petition. The USCIS has indicated that I-526E petitions must include an I-956F receipt number and NCE ID number upon submission. This should allow USCIS to associate new I-526E petitions to a previously filed I-956F petition.

The I-956F petition, under requirements established by the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022, must be filed by regional centers for each of their EB-5 investment offerings. This new petition is similar to older I-924 ‘Exemplar’ petitions. It contains information related to the new commercial enterprise an EB-5 investment offering will target, as well as job creation projections, a TEA analysis (if applicable), etc.

This should be beneficial for EB-5 investors and immigration attorneys alike by creating a more streamlined and less cumbersome process for individual investor filings.

CMB has already filed I-956F petitions for two new investment opportunities and is currently accepting new investors. We are awaiting receipt notices from the USCIS on both. Once received, new CMB EB-5 investors will be able to immediately file their individual I-526E petitions.

CMB Group 78: Hillwood California BTS is the first of CMB’s new investment opportunities. This EB-5 project is located in a high-unemployment TEA (Targeted Employment Area) and involves the construction of industrial logistics facilities in California.

CMB Group 82: Hazelton Logistics Park is the second opportunity CMB has available to prospective EB-5 investors. The project is another industrial logistics facility located in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

Hillwood Development Company will serve as the borrower and project developer for both Group 78 and Group 82. CMB and HIllwood have built what we believe is the strongest Regional Center/Developer relationship in the EB-5 industry. CMB has collaborated with Hillwood on over 30 different EB-5 partnerships all over the United States.

For more information on Group 78 or Group 82, visit our website HERE.

Over 5,800 immigrant investors from 103 countries have chosen CMB EB-5 investments to pursue permanent residence in the United States. We are excited to begin accepting new EB-5 investors. Availability in these first two EB-5 partnerships may be limited. Prospective investors should begin their due diligence process and select an immigration attorney now for the best chance to secure a unit.
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